Twism & B3RAO – We Got It!!!

b3rao twism we got it

It’s always enjoyable being able to write about music and artists I’m close to. Yesterday Boston’s own Nate Almeida, aka B3RAO, and Los Angeles native P.J. Masters, aka Twism, released their newest track “We Got It!!!” Sampling plenty of vocals and featuring a high-energy four-on-the-floor House beat, “We Got It!!!” has a perfected formula that will appeal to House music fans and House DJs alike, all around the world. Twism currently resides in Europe and will be there for the near future pushing his label Disco Legends so it’s great to see how far technology has come in allowing two artists on different sides of the globe to collaborate and release something worth talking about. The release came out on Casa Rossa, based in Bologna Italy and founded by Gary Caos. “We Got It!!!” is a 128bpm bomb featuring a strong foundation in House, but plenty of fun and quirky elements to make you goof off in the club. Twism & B3RAO efficiently used vocal sampling to give the listener Disco vibes and it’s something I absolutely plan to keep in my rotation.

On a related note, Twism & B3RAO are currently leading the votes to win an Ibiza residency this Summer. Called the Burn Residency 2014, fans can vote for their favorite artists for another 24 days. *Submit your vote for Twism & B3RAO to win an Ibiza residency here!*