Low Steppa: Heed The Sound Guest Mix

HTS guest mix
Low Steppa is a name that has been gaining heavy traction in the rumblings of bass culture. Producing an unstoppable tantrum of high quality and strongly backed original content, Low Steppa has been fortifying his own label Simma Black one record at a time. Producing under alias’s and working collaborations with such names as Twocker, Rudi Stakker, Bass Weazal, Dreadstemz, Punk Rolla, Will Bailey, this producer and DJ has proven that he is as versatile as he is dedicated. We at MMIBTY have been doing press releases on this artist for quite some time so it has been nice to observe this artist coming to recognition.

Tonight I wanted to release a mix I have been reveling for the past few weeks. It was posted by Heed The Sound as one of their guest mixes. In true gentleman fashion Low Steppa lays down a wonderful sequence of music that neither dulls or disappoints. Starting out with some very simple light tunes, Low Steppa soon takes a dive into the deep end, but opens up the light at the end of the tunnel with some warm jungle sounds and finishes up with some good ol’ bass.

Unfortunately I lack the power to provide a track list, I know, these songs are grade A prime beef. But I am sure if you put some time in you can identify a few, or dig through Low Steppas collection and grab his huge assortment of free tracks. I hope you all enjoy this mix as much as I did, make sure you send Low Steppa the proper thanks for some aural entertainment.