Moogfest 2014 is an electronic music festival taking place in Asheville, North Caroline on April 23rd to April 27th. This longstanding festival has been up and running since 2004 and is just as much a symposium of some of the most prominent pioneers in electronic music as it is a 5 day collection of some of the best DJs and producers this side of the milky way.

Moogfest derives its name from Dr. Bob Moog, whose work with analog synthesizers helped curate the pathways that brought the world of electronic music into fruition. This five day celebration is a collection of day time programming and night time festivities. During the day you can visit 8 venues, listen to  over 60 talks, discussion, presentations, workshops, interactive educational forums and film screenings presented by the leading innovators of electronic music  from production to conception, check out some of the speakers here.

The night time program consists of over 100 artists performing at 10 different venues. Cascading from almost every genre in electronic dance, the artist line up can satisfy almost any listener, and the day time programming is so enticing that this festival is almost impossible to resist. The label curators are an amazing collection of some of the best in underground electronic to some household names such as Fools Gold, Ghostly, Warp Records, DFA Records, No. 19 Music, RVNG, Driftless Recordings, Crew Love, AEROPUNK and many more that have all come together to celebrate the beginning of this culture and cultivate the future of it.  If you are in the area during this time, or if you have the ability, get to North Carolina and come celebrate your passion for music with the people who are out there creating it.


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“If it weren’t for Bob Moog, a lot of the music you enjoy today, might not have been possible. As the inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, he gave rise to not only the technology needed for modern electronic music, but also the creative spirit that inspired countless musicians to take his vision and play with it, mold it and reshape it into mind blowing works of art.” – NPR