Soulection Radio & The Future Beats Show: Listening Made Easy


In my opinion, the most valued compliment someone can give me is recognizing that I have great taste in music. It’s kind of like saying “Hey, I see what you’re doing, and I have the utmost appreciation for what you’re passionate about.” And what’s so beautiful about music is that it has the ability to create a sense of commonality between a vast array of people who ordinarily wouldn’t have much connecting them. For music enthusiasts like you and me, each song we have tucked away in our memory carries a certain significance with it. Upon listening to certain songs, different emotions and memories are stimulated connecting us to instances in the past. Whether good or bad, these inflicted feelings are the branches connecting the family tree of music lovers world wide. If you’re reading this, then it’s obvious that you already have an eagerness toward seeking new music. The quest to find a song to fill each of our wide range of emotions excites your senses, and the hair-standing sensation you get when being blown away by your next new favorite song is unmatchable.

Tracklist and more after the jump!

Joe Kay’s Set (0 – 1:16:45)
1. Soia – Obtaining (Swedeart Remix)
2. Sango – Let This ft. AGO (Instrumental)
3. Nami Ramo – Pragma
4. Kenji x JoKwes – Unthinkable
5. Jay Z – I Know (Zuper Remix)
6. Jenovah – Lovers (Zuper Remix)
7. Husky` – Life Goes (VIP)
8. Sleepin Giant – Six
9. Keaver & Brause – Awake
10. Yumo – Future Nubian Queen Pt. 2
11. High Klassified x Da-P – Fuzija
12. Evil Needle – Unknown
13. Disclosure – Latch ( Stwo & Phazz Edition )
14. Saux & Joya Mooi – Later in time (JarreauVandal)
15. Phazz – Hold Me
16. Zuper – You & Me
17. Von D – Show Me (feat. Phe Phe)
18. Trashbat – Dreaming Of Fiji
19. Trashbat – Hanako
20. OH91 – Autotune (Pea Whitey Remix)
21. Ty Dolla $ign – Work (feat. Casey Veggies, Twista & Nate Poetics)
22. PARTYNEXTDOOR – Wus Good / Curious
23. Mar – 2u4u (Joe Kay’s Slowed & Loved Edit)
24. Musiq Soulchild – Just Friends (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)
25. J Dilla – Unknown (Joe Kay’s Slowed Edit)
26. OH91 – Autotune (Pea Whitey Remix)
27. Dibiase – FunkedUp
28. Dwele – Eve (I Need You)
29. NeguimBeats x Janita – Thats How Life Goes (Remix)
30. Zuper – Anomaly
31. Kevin Moore – Speak Your Mind
32. J Dilla – Untitled
33. J Dilla – Untitled
34. Flying Lotus – Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)
35. ohbliv – Time Tourist
36. submerse – Melonkoly
37. JD. Reid – Purp
38. Unknown – Untitled
39. Nobuo Uematsu – Fanfare (Evil Needle x OriJanus Remix)
40. J-Lah – Ooo Baby Baby
41. Samuel Truth – Rua

Lakim’s Set + Interview (1:16:45 – 1:41:25)
42. HI$TO x Gianni Lee – Shake
43. LAKIM – Maga Body
44. Kun – Baby When We’re (Next Refix)
45. LAKIM – Voodoo
46. Justin Bieber – Hold Tight (Figgy Remix)
47. DJ Big O – Tom Ford
48. LAKIM -Don’t Need You (FlamingOsis Remix)
49. Proton x Wizard – Justice
50. Brian Folk – Camera Shy
51. LAKIM – The Abyss (feat. High Klassified)
52. LAKIM – Thinkin’ Bout’ (Doin’ U)

Andres’ Set + Interview (1:41:25 – 2:08:20)
Playlist coming soon

Sunni Colòn & J-Louis’ Set + Interview (2:08:20 – 2:31:08)
53. Sunni Colòn – Jezebel
54. J-Louis – 2u
55. Sunni Colòn – Karma (J-Louis Remix)
56. Sunni Colòn – Temple (starRo Remix)
57. Sunni Colón – Temple (esta remix)
58. Andrea – Tenderly
59. J-Louis – When I Make It

Joe Kay’s Set (2:31:08 – End of Session)
60. Yumo – FNQ (Sir CRKS Styrofoam Edit)
61. Skye Chai – Feel Blue (Zuper Remix)
62. Zuper – Anomaly
63. JBird – Aisle Seat
64. Tom Misch – The Journey
65. Iamnobodi – Cameup
66. Charles Murdoch – Shaper
67. Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Pour Maman

Thankfully, technology has made it a lot easier for us music addicts to get our high from the thrill of the chase to keep our music libraries up to date. Music websites like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify make discovering talent simpler, and as you know online music blogs (for example, this dope site) are incredibly resourceful. But personally, sometimes these methods are a little too investigative for my liking. I want to be informed, but sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time in a day to accomplish school, work, and even to properly bathe according to normal societal standards let alone fit in time to scour the seemingly endless feeds of music you need to catch up on since the last time you were in this position. I’ve found some relief in radio shows. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Who even listens to the radio anymore?” “I can’t stand the constant banter in between songs.” “What’s a radio?” Well, I can assure you I too thought these things, until I was turned on to Soulection by my tasteful roommate, and things haven’t been the same. Joe Kay and Andre Power, the boss men over there at Soulection, put out a 3 hour radio show every week packed with the most soulful selection of old-school hip hop inspired bangers. I’m telling you, since the first day I wound up on their Soundcloud I’ve successfully downloaded every single radio show and listened to them through multiple times over again. I love that these guys, who manage a label with a stacked roster of artists ranging from Mr. Carmack and Djemba Djemba to Ta-ku and Esta, take the time out of their week to prepare a 3 hour long radio show each week with insightful commentary strategically placed throughout. Never a dull moment grooving to one of these shows, and by listening you’re exposed to a plethora of new music you wouldn’t typically find searching on your own. These guys get thousands of songs sent to them daily, but they weed through and select the best ones to share with their listeners and help promote what their artists are doing in the studio. Give it a listen, and you’ll have no choice but to understand where I’m coming from!

The tracklisting for the show is

Onra – Intro
AbJo – Oscillate
Forever Young – Axel Kacoutié
A.Paradox – V I C E S – (Never loved us)
Brian Folk – Seems To Make Me
Beyoncé – Flawless (Madeaux Remix)
Giraffage – I Luv Your Girl
Know V.A – Slowjamz pt. 2
Mike Posner please don’t go – (kuma remix)
El.Train – Promise All That Matters
Kat Dahlia – Crazy (CAPSUN Remix)
J-Rican – Sleepless Nights (They Sleep We Grind)
Samuel Truth – J D
Giraffage – Nikki / She Needs My Love
TRVWL – Physical Attraction [REDEUX]
wave Groove – Aegis
Salóme Pieris – Breezy Love (Prod. KA-YU)
Xavier – Confetti
House of Medici – Suit and Tie
aywy. – Lost (feat. Maximus MMC)
Dawm – Deep
Brian Folk – Gone (Constant Rotation)
I’d Die Without You (Childish Gambino Cover) – P M Dawn
Boards Of Canada – Nothing Is Real (Ticklish Edit)
NΞHZVIL – PYD (Complexion FBS Show Only Edition)
ItsNate – Got You Right Prod. SELLVSSE
A.Paradox – Blink of an eye
Drake – Trophies (The Ninetys “Instrumental” Remix)
Jonn Hart feat IamSu – Who Booty (Dave Luxe Remix)
Mar – Man X Woman (kenji Remix)
Austin Millz – Intrigue
A.Paradox – The 10th wonder
Dawm – Future: Lust
TRVWL – dirty jones
ESTA – Peaches

Similarly, I’ve recently stumbled upon a DJ by the name of Complexion, a UK native who’s claim to fame The Future Beats Show essentially changed my life. His soothing voice as an introduction to each song he’s about to knock your socks off with makes discovering new, good music 10x more efficient. Each show, no matter the length, is guaranteed to leave you wanting more. More effortless yet beautiful stimulation for your ears. Show after show he promises that this one is full of amazing new music, and each show he delivers just that. He completely covers the future beats sub genre that’s gaining popularity rapidly through the death to genre’s movement. Do yourself a favor and press play, I promise you’ll be captivated!


To sum up everything, having good taste in music says a lot about a person so, as an avid endorser of good music, it’s important to keep your library up to date with the newest and most diverse sounds being produced daily. Lucky for us, with a little help from the professionals, our job gets made much easier. Seriously, head over to their Soundcloud’s and  check out these radio shows geared toward exposing new talent…my music library has never been more diverse! And the icing on the cake is that each radio show these guys put on Soundcloud can be downloaded for free. Give it a chance, you’ll probably like what you hear.