Buku Art + Music Project: Tiny Festival With Big Performances + SOULECTION Interview

We just got back from the Buku Art + Music Project hosted in New Orleans and we can surely say that it was by far one of the best most interactive festivals we have ever been to. Buku, Hosted right along the beautiful Mississippi river in down town New Orleans provided us with an incredible two-day experience that will hold a special place in our heart.


Right off the bat the scenery was cohesive with the industrial plants surrounding the area. Two massive smoke columns ranging hundreds of feet hight cascade directly over the backdrop of the main stage. To the left of the main stage we have active train tracks that run right through the festival grounds and every once in a while you can see the graffiti littered train cars run one after another after another.

Walking further into the festival grounds you are greeted by a massive spider woven hammock that rests in-between shipping containers that are actively being painted inside by many different street artists boasting their incredible craft. As you keep going into the different areas where all the stages are located we have an incredible indoor set up called, ‘The Float Den’, where on both sides of the entrance and inside of the warehouse itself are the past and current floats used in the world renown and annually help Mardi Gras parade that drives right through the heart of New Orleans still littered with beads.

Music & Performances:

On to the music side of things. We were able to see quite a diverse list of showcases. The highlights from the weekend would have to be the massive 3 way B2B hosted by the SOULECTION Crew with Sango, Esta., & The Whoolagin, DirtyBirds own Walker & Royce, Illenium, Bassnectar and of course REZZ. Though we did rock out for the Emo Night showcase that brought us right back to the good old early 2000’s. Overall BUKU was quite a breath of fresh air, there is something special to be able to bounce around from stage to stage finding new music and hearing something unlike the other.

On top of all of these incredible performances we were able to catch up with the incredible SOULECITON crew who have provided us with some incredible insight to their own lives and some tips for this crazy world we call the music industry. Take a peek at what was said below!


What are your biggest inspirations as artists and individuals?

Sango: Family as well as doing the right thing by setting an example.
The Whooligan: Learning from the past, leading by example, honestly just doing the right thing. I want to help people reach their infinite potential.

How have the past 3-5 years been for you guys, as a family and individually?
Sango: We do things on the outside and bring it full circle to help everyone within the crew?
The Whooligan: When we get together it becomes this incredible culmination of everyones triumphs and successes. We don’t all kick it every day, but when we do, let’s help everyone reach the point where they want to be. When we play festivals like buku, our work really gets to shine – it’s really important that we’re all working hard on self.

If you guys would do it all again, what would you do differently?
Sango: Take our time and not be anxious. There’s a difference between being eager and anxious. Eagerness is just another word for being hungry or wanting an opportunity.
The Whooligan: Ask more questions, take it slow and be proactive. Don’t jump on the first opportunity you get, it’s a slow burn.

The Whooligan, you have been pretty busy with managing and moving artists along, for someone with so much on your hands how does one really stay focused and keep their sanity in this crazy music industry?
The Whooligan: I don’t think anyone has true sanity in the music industry. It’s always a challenge. I love everyone I work with in a very genuine sense. Playing music has always been a love for me, and the more I’m in the game, the more I want to share my experiences to the younger generation. How can I be better as a man and an individual and motivate, lead by authentically.

Gotta ask you this where are you going for your burrito fix in SF and in LA?
The Whooligan: In SF, Papalote. Late night – El Farolito. NYC, Los Tacos no. 1
Esta: Im loyal to La Estrella out there in LA
Sango: In San Diego we going to Lolitas

ESTA. you have worked with countless vocalists and so many musicians around the world, how does one have a positive work flow and keep things in order with this different kind of collaborations?
Esta: I just have fun with it. I enjoy making music and creating with others. Even though im stubborn with my sound direction I want to make it for whoever wants to listen. That simple.

This whole SOULECTIOM focus is genre breaking and so open minded but it seems to have an overall smoothed out theme, im interested in what you guys look for in artists nowadays?
Sango: Outside of music, what kind of person they are. You don’t want to deal with someone that’s too cocky or selfish.
Esta: Their musical background. Everyone just being a true music lover.

What would you like to say to all of your fans out there?
Esta: Take your time, don’t rush.

The Whooligan: Someone else’s time is not your time, be you and do you. Don’t expect handouts or feel entitled.

Sango: If you have mental issues like anxiety or fear, ask for help. Ask how you can be helped and don’t be afraid to share.