In Case You Missed It: The Alexanders & Anna Lunoe Don’t Miss


Last week a very unique collaboration between Yuksek and Alex Metric dropped and chances are this one slipped under your radar. The duo are calling themselves The Alexanders and their track “Don’t Miss” is absolute fire. Yuksek (real name Pierre-Alexandre Busson) is a French electronic music producer, remixer, composer and DJ who owns Partyfine Records. Alex Metric, perhaps the better-known DJ/producer of the two, is a London-based artist whose sound is deeply rooted in early styles of underground dance music, touching on Disco, Funk, Chicago House and Detroit Techno as well as Indie Rock. Alex Metric is the producer of one of my favorite dance tracks “Rave Weapon”.

The Alexanders teamed up with the beautiful Australian DJ/Producer Anna Lunoe on “Don’t Miss” and the release features remix work by French artist Jean Tonique. Both versions of the track feature elements of Disco and Nu Disco, with the sexy, slick and drawn-out vocals of Anna Lunoe intertwined all the way through. The release came to life in Yuksek’s studio following a preliminary jam at Alex’s studio in London; a healthy mutual respect has existed between the two producers for some time and the linkup proved remarkably straightforward when put into practice. Alex explains, “We had discussed working together for a while. I went over to Reims for a couple of days and we got it done pretty quickly. It was such an easy and pleasurable record to make”. Alex continues, “I think the aim was to make something simple, something direct in terms of elements and music, something with a Disco edge, but also something dynamic. Something exciting to hear on the dance floor without being too in-your-face and losing the musicality and warmth”.

Whether you prefer the original track for its peak-hour jacking beats, or the Jean Tonique remix for more of a Filter House soothing antidote, both records are absolute must-haves.


The Alexanders – Don’t Miss (feat. Anna Lunoe)
The Alexanders – Don’t Miss (Jean Tonique Remix) [feat. Anna Lunoe]

Check out this awesome track for free download of Yuksek’s Partyfine Records