Jochen Simms – You’re Not Alone (Manuel De La Mare vs. Will Gold Remix)


Who’s ready to revisit a Dance classic? I am! Trusty ol’ Pete Tong was generous enough to reintroduce me to the Olive tune “You’re Not Alone” tonight on his All Gone Pete Tong radio show. Except this wasn’t the original 1996 Break Beat/Trip Hop version (nor was it the 2002 remix by ATB). The track Pete Tong played was the Manuel De La Mare vs. Will Gold Remix of Jochen Simms’ “You’re Not Alone”. Jochen Simms took Olive’s beautiful vocals and put them over a thumping House track that was released as “You’re Not Alone” back in December of 2013. You may not know the name Jochen Simms, but over the last 10 years he has worked with some of the biggest names in pop and dance, completing over 100 remixes. His remixes regularly feature in the Top 10 dance, club and pop charts in the UK and US, proving wildly popular with radio stations. At the same time the original mix of Simms’ “You’re Not Alone” was released, British producer Will Gold put out his Tech-House remix of the track. So what happened next? Italian-born DJ/producer Manuel De La Mare got his hands on Will Gold’s remix and added his signature House touch, released at the beginning of this month. The result is something that made me immediately grab my phone to Shazam the track and find out exactly what I was listening to. The “drop” of the song is something extremely funky and perfect for dance floor destruction. But that’s nothing new for Manuel De La Mare, who has been delivering “money shot releases and remixes” over the past several years while DJing around the world (Beatport awarded Manuel De La Mare “Best Remixer 2011” and nominated him for “Best Deep House and Techno Artist” back in 2010). With this remix of “You’re Not Alone” Manuel De La Mare serves up some deepness and some Tech and it truly was a pleasure discovering this gem.

The version below is not a full copy of the song, so if you like the preview go ahead and DOWNLOAD ON BEATPORT!

Jochen Simms – You’re Not Alone (Manuel De La Mare vs. Will Gold Remix) [Partial Version]