David Bulla & Oliver Chang – Horizon

David Bulla & Oliver Chang - Horizon

 Some songs you have to listen to several times before you like it; sometimes a song has to grow on you.  Meanwhile other songs only require one listen to instantly fall in love with it.  Horizon by David Bulla & Oliver Chang is one of the songs that fit into the second category.  I’m not really the biggest fan of progressive house, and I think a lot of it sounds so similar.  However, Horizon definitely stands out and is a very unique tune; David Bulla & Oliver Chang perfected progressive house with this masterpiece.  One minute into the song I knew that I was in love with this track.  The build-up is fantastic, and I love how they made the piano the star of the buildup.  I’ve noticed that most of the time there’s a prominent piano in many of the progressive tracks that I love.  There’s something about the piano and progressive house that mesh extremely well together.  The drop is just as good as the buildup, and the bassline is spot on.  Horizon will definitely take you on a progressive journey, and it’ll lift your spirits and make you feel great.  I had a rough and long day today, but Horizon definitely put a smile on my face and lifted my mood.  That’s part of the reason I love electronic music;  I always seem to connect so well, and it always makes my day and mood better.  Thank you David Bulla & Oliver Chang for making my day a little better.  If you like uplifting progressive tunes then I suggest you check out more material on both artists’ Soundclouds.  Oliver Chang is a producer from Seattle, Washington, and while he only has a few tracks on his Soundcloud, they are definitely worth a listen!  I gave them all a listen and downloaded all of them for free.  David Bulla who is a producer from Germany, has many great progressive house originals and remixes on his Soundcloud as well.  Both David Bulla & Oliver Chang hit a home-run with their amazing progressive house tune Horizon.  The best part is they made it available for free download!  Give it a listen, give them a like/follow, and enjoy Horizon!