ac slater

It’s been nearly a year since the inception of Skrillex‘s multi-purpose media platform, Nest HQ, and now the curatorial site will also serve as home to a free-release label known simply as Nest. Today Bassline aficionado AC Slater kicks things off with his club-ready inaugural EP, Back To The Floor.  AC Slater has compiled a collection of five club-ready jams, in which the heavy bass champion provides a call to action to return to a focus on music and not so much the DJ. AC explains – “Back to the Floor is just a statement of where my head is at musically. Taking the focus from the superstar DJ concert back to the clubs. The whole “put your hands up” and shit is cool but it’s kinda played out for me personally. I want to focus more on the music and how it makes the individual feel. Everyone having their own experience and vibing out in the club rather than watching someone tell them what to do. It doesn’t have to be on 10 all the time. It’s okay to zone out and get lost in the music…” We couldn’t agree more with what AC Slater says and his music truly lifts up to his words. Download the EP here or through the Soundcloud links below.

AC Slater – Back To The Floor [NEST025]
1. Drink It Down
2. On The Run ft. Micah Freeman
3. Roll Up
4. Clouds On Fire ft. Tigerlight
5. Freaky