Emissions Festival 2014 [PREVIEW & TICKET CONTEST]


In just a couple weeks I will be picking up my life and moving out to San Francisco from Boston. A couple weeks after my move, a relatively new dance music festival will be taking place in the woods of Belden, California from May 16-19 at Camp Question Mark. Entering its sixth year, the relatively unknown Emissions Festival is a celebration of the rich, creative culture surrounding the West Coast’s Bass Music and festival community. Emissions Festival shares both a forward-thinking lineup that stands out, and an intimate communal festival experience. This all takes place within a welcoming atmosphere of true enjoyment for the music and everything surrounding. I say it’s relatively unknown because it hasn’t gained national attention the way other dance music festivals have – but I’m here to help change that.

Although only the Phase One lineup has been announced, with Phase Two coming this week, it’s obvious the folks behind Emissions Festival plan to keep the theme of the weekend pure Bass Music. The main headliner is Deltron 3030 which is an alternative Hip-Hop supergroup composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien, and Kid Koala. While I don’t necessarily consider Deltron 3030 to be Bass Music, I am a fan of their work and I’m excited to see them in a live setting. Other standouts from the Phase One announcement, personally speaking, are Brillz, Minnesota, and CRNKN – but as always I’m looking forward to checking out some new artists.

Last year’s event was the highlight year at it’s new location in gorgeous Belden, CA. This year is sure to excel by going back and really doing it proper. With its new lineup, full creative immersion and easier processes, Emissions Festival 2014 is set up to be the year to remember. Share in what has grown for the past six years to become an extremely gratifying event beyond anything hoped for. The festival organizers want you to expect: Music to Feel; Original, evolving stage designs; Well-represented low end vibration and complete audio bliss from PK SOUND; Unique items from the culture that are as inspiring as they are trend setting; Daytime beach stage area for thick sunshine vibes while it’s light out; Extreme creative expression everywhere you look; Lush shaded camping, with some located right along the Feather River.

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