Artist Spotlight: Johan Vilborg

Johan Vilborg

Summer is nearly here and if you’re looking for some light and upbeat trance to get lost in at the beach, on the trail, or on a long drive, then Johan Vilborg had better be on your radar. From Stockholm, Vilborg is just another example of a brilliant Swedish trance DJ who we will probably be hearing a lot more of in the near future.

Trance as a genre is cross-pollinating and Vilborg’s newest track, “One Moment,” is emblematic of this trend, superimposing the classic trance melodies we know and love over a drum & bass foundation. It’s this type of genre expansion that I think is one of the most exciting things about the direction of dance music and Vilborg is right at the forefront.

Signed with Enhanced Recordings, Vilborg gained initial popularity with his remix of Dinka’s “Lotus,” and has since collaborated with artists like Toby Hedges, Mike Shiver, & Nigel Good. His signature-sounding chord progressions in songs like “Sky Grinder,” “Two to One,” and “Altara” probably give the best idea of his sound – look for them all on Spotify and I’m willing to bet he makes a fan out of you within the first 60 seconds.

New and old fans alike can also look forward to new stuff coming from Vilborg in the future, as his Soundcloud is full of teasers that are simultaneously ethereally beautiful and grippingly catchy. I for one can’t wait to see what he does next.

*Download Johan Vilborg’s music at Beatport*