Do you like boats?

Do you like parties?

Ever heard of a little rave cruise called HOLY SHIP?

Well we know you do and we know you have, so thats why we are giving a way a pair of tickets to a party, on a boat, in the summer, in Burlington Vermont. OH I forgot to tell you, this is a two day thing. Winner of this competition gets not one, but two tickets for two days worth of absolute Burly mayhem, let me explain. Folks, it’s Holy Ferry.

Justin Martin, Option4, Kill Frenzy, Rekkon, Mark Starr, are coming June 6th to take the helm of the Ethan Allen from 6-11pm for the Holy Ferry…THEN  Wax Motif, Justin Jay and Ballast are playing on June 7th at Arts Riot. This is all in the great honor of a dear friend Emily Morin’s birthday and an unofficial Holy Ship reunion party. Emily is one of the biggest and most important members of the Holy Ship family (Shipfam) and it’s pretty badass that she’s been able to organize something like this.

Confounded? Exited? Anxious? Is your mom picking up pieces of your skull off the walls because your head just exploded? Well we understand, that’s why we want to give you a chance to join in on the fun FO’ FREE!!!. Enter for your chance to be at Holy Ferry now.

Don’t want to wait? *BUY TICKETS HERE!*