BOUNCE BOAT featuring Rusko + Photos by KIRILL WAS HERE!!!


The Bounce Boat returns to the Hudson River for another voyage! The Dubstep veteran producer/DJ, Rusko, will be the captain of the ship this time around with his first mates, Infuze and Subset. The Hornblower Infinity will be departing from Pier 40 at roughly 6pm and making its way around the Hudson until 12am. But this isn’t going to be like any other of the Bounce Boat cruises in the past. Yeah, they have a big name DJ like before, but there is one thing that separates this cruise from the other and his name is Kirill. Everybody in NYC knows that Kirill Was Here can turn a fun party into an over the top one. It seems that the madness seems to follow him whenever he decides to take out his camera. Do not miss out on the rachetivity that will take place next weekend and if you like the image below please don’t miss your chance to be apart of it. Tickets are still available HERE for the 18+ event with general admission and vip packages still on sale.