War – Low Rider (LOOKAS Remix)


I don’t know about you but when the weather starts warming up like this, I just got to break out the candy orange Chevy Impala with the bucket seats and bounce that bitch low, high and side to side – but especially LOW. Seriously, look at me just jammin on drop-top ghost-riding those hydraulics. And you already know which song I’m banging. LOOKAS is back at it again, this time with a remix of the unforgettable classic track “Low Rider” by War. Whether the original draws up memories of cruising around with your homies or just bad George Lopez humor, you’ll definitely dig LOOKAS trap take on it. The Miami-based producer, well-known for his remixes of popular house tracks, chops and screws the original trumpets into a fun and bouncy drop, making for a modern day version of “Low Rider” fit for the streets again. Pick up the free download if you’re into it.