Ignacio Robles Summons Michael Jackson on “Need Some Love” [DJ Tool Alert!]

ignacio robles

I don’t know about where you’re at, but out here in the Bay Area it’s a perfect Friday afternoon. The sun is shining, the air is warm – but not too warm – and the weekend is ever so close. Today I have the perfect song to go along with that perfect afternoon. The song is “Need Some Love” by Ignacio Robles, released March 20th on Doin’ Work Records as part of the Smoother & Trickier EP. Until today I had never heard of Ignacio Robles but when “Need Some Love” came across my headphones while listening to a recent Deep House Cat podcast, I couldn’t ignore what I heard. The track samples Michael Jackson’s “PYT (Pretty Young Thing)” and has a jackin’ House beat. All you House DJs out there pay attention – this is absolutely a DJ tool because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Michael Jackson? For those wondering, Ignacio Robles is a relatively unknown Argentinian producer  but it looks like he’s a hard working guy. There are plenty of tracks, mixes, and live sets on Robles’ SoundCloud to keep you occupied for a while. And with songs like “Need Some Love” and the rest of the Smoother & Trickier EP, it’s obvious you need to keep an eye on what Ignacio Robles does next. Enjoy – and download on Beatport if you like what you hear!

*Track list after jump!*

Deep House Cat Show – SSRadio Episode 165.0 – ft. Till West
01) Jon Cutler – I’ll Take You (Richard Earnshaw Re-Beat Edit)
02) City Soul Project – Jah School
03) Eric Ericksson – Yuki (Deeper Dub)
04) Arnaud D – Une Folie Africaine (Club Mix)
05) Bas Roos, Nick De Morsain – Inside (Original Mix)
06) Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Business
07) George Ezra – Budapest (Tom Tyron Spring Edit)
08) Juliet Fox – If You Feel
09) Kevin Kind – Dancing Shoes (Original)
10) The Sunchasers – Dance For Me (Original Mix)
11) Jeff Service – Got Tha EP (Corduroy Mavericks Mix)
12) DJ Fudge – Pedogbepa (Original Mix)
13) Ignacio Robles – Need Some Love (Original Mix)
14) Cristoph – Right Now
15) Marlon D – Sparks (David Montoya Remix)
16) Flapjackers – That Girl Is Poison (Corduroy Mavericks Sweet & Low Remix)
17) Giom – The Move (Original)
18) Giovanni Ikome, Frankie Foncett – The Deep Spot (The Hardbody Mix)
19) Corduroy Mavericks – Bongo King (Original Mix)
20) Charles Feelgood, Felipe Avelar – Bebop (Original Mix)
21) Corduroy Mavericks – Break From The Norm (Voxy Version)
22) Corduroy Mavericks – All Night Long (Original Mix)
23) Corduroy Mavericks – Break A Dawn