Shiba San – All About Booty EP

Introducing a new 4 track EP from Shiba San off of Cuff Records called  “All About Booty”. If you don’t know who Shiba San or Cuff  you are probably doing it wrong. I do believe that their track “Okay” is still chugging along strong in the Beatport charts, and it is well deserved.

I have been mindlessly consuming every worthy Ghetto House, bassline house, bass and house, G-House, uns uns with hip-hop sample songs that I can get my hands on, and pretty much every artist off of Cuff, Sleazy G and Dirtybird has been really hitting the spot nicely. Info about the producer remains very elusive, and we really like that. All I really need to know is where I can get his music. Shiba San as a producer has been collecting attention pretty much everywhere, it’s hard to miss his sound in a wide spectrum of mixes, the versatility is impressive.

Big solid thumping basslines, dirty rabble rousing samples and high quality production really sums up this EP, and if you are anything like me, which I am sure most of you are, you will enjoy this as much as I do.

  BUY THIS RIGHT HERE (samples are such a tease aren’t they?)

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