Jantsen & Dirt Monkey – Ice Cream Sound


Every once in a while, when you randomly click play while scrolling through Souncloud, a sound comes out that takes you totally by surprise and you end up looping it over and over again. It really is the best feeling finding a song that makes you so happy that you can’t wait to share it with your friends. Today, I had one of those experiences after hitting play of new single from Jansten and Dirty Monkey. These two are like underground legends in Denver, curating and building the dubstep scene over the better half of a decade. So typically the tracks they release have an extra serving of bass, sometimes an overload for my ears, but today they bring us the perfect summer slammer. Fusing the bass they are known for with the reggae vibes that are perfect for the heat we have headed for us. Talk about a bottomless bowl of ice crew, this track is available for free download!