Mr. Carmack’s 4 New Tracks


Aaron Carmack has been on everyones radar lately, every single track he has put out is fire and these 4 new tracks are no exception. Colabing with Sango and Evil Needle, Mr.Carmack continues to show is ingenuity through music. His most recent song, “Till its Over” is pretty familiar (…Drake) and is actually a song he re-released from early 2009. “I Always loved This One” has a slowed down jazzy-beat with a very warm array of pads. “Another Intrepidty, With Evil Needle” is a Carmack classic, again re-released to the public, this version of the original offers more tweaked stings and a heavier baseline. Finally , “Rare Grip, With Sango” is probably the best one of all, this song will give you the gnarly trap feel but matures into a soulful off tempo beat. These tracks don’t stay up to long, and there is never a next release date, so get you fill and be sure to be on the lookout for the next tracks that Aaron puts out!

*You can Check out His Bandcamp account Here!*