Justin Timberlake – Shine For You (Shiva Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

shiva remix

Smooth. Sexy. Soulful. Those are the words I’d use to describe Shiva‘s remix of “Shine For You” by Justin Timberlake. Having never heard of this Justin Timberlake song, I searched the internet for an original version and could not locate one. So I’m a bit perplexed… does DJ Shiva have access to a song the world has yet to hear? Either way, her work on this is part of her first official release The Shiva Remix Compilation, all available for free download on her website. The “Shine For You” remix is full of 808s, Justin’s top-notch vocals, and melodies intertwined to give you that perfect Summer chilled-out vibe. This one is perfect for hangin’ with your boo or for winding down after a long week. For those who don’t know DJ Shiva, she remains a bit mysterious but her social media show her as a Los Angeles-based DJ who goes by Sarah Shivarani. It’s hard to put a genre tag on Shiva’s remix of “Shine For You”, but I’d call it something like chilled-out Trap and a song that would be perfect for one of DJ Benzi’s Girl Trapz Mixtapes.

*Head to DJ Shiva’s Website to download the entire remix compilation for free!*