Pharrell – Brand New (Slinger Remix)


There’s no doubt Pharrell has been getting a lot of attention lately, with a new album GIRL and especially with his popular single “Happy” putting smiles on faces the world round, for those who haven’t yet become sick of hearing it – and his “Brand New” collab with Justin Timberlake himself (see what I did there…?). I admit that I get pretty excited about everything Pharrell touches and it’d be hard to argue that he’s one of the most visionary artists and producers of our time (remember the N.E.R.D. days, kids?). Even more exciting, this time around, is Slinger’s take on “Brand New.” This being only Slinger’s second track, the – dare I make the pun again – “Brand New” remixer outdoes himself on this inspired cut. Full of big and brass horns and old-school dance vibes, the track instantly gets your feet moving. Of course, the help from Pharrell and JT doesn’t hurt either.

There’s no doubt tremendous talent in Slinger and his production abilities, apparent only in his first few tracks. Get in on the ground floor and check out his first release, a funk- and groove-laden Prince cover.