Nero “Satisfy” The World With Their New Single

Nero_Satisfy_Packshot copy

Over 160,000 plays in one day alone. More than 53,000 Likes. Almost 6,000 reposts. And guess what – that’s just on SoundCloud. Nero are fucking back, and they’re back with a vengeance. It’s been a while since we heard new material from the British duo-turned-trio, all the way back to 2011 when Nero released the critically acclaimed Welcome Reality LP, featuring the platinum-selling hit “Promises”. And yes you read that correctly: Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray have invited vocalist Alana Watson to join Nero full-time, a move I highly approve of since Alana’s voice is so powerful and she is mesmerizing to watch live. “Satisfy” was premiered by Zane Lowe as his “Hottest Record in The World” on BBC Radio 1 and it hints at Nero’s long-awaited return from the shadows. With little other information offered, Alana’s haunting tones and the deep rolling bass of “Satisfy” can’t help but make me anxious for more material.

Nero, from a production standpoint, are so talented and so unique that it’s hard to hold them to nothing but the highest standards. When I read today that they were releasing a new single I instantly opened SoundCloud for a listen. Maybe it’s because they had been on hiatus for so long, which to me means they were hard at work in the studio, or maybe because I’ve come to expect perfection from them, but I knew Nero would not disappoint with “Satisfy”. And boy was I right. My reaction when hearing the first drop of “Satisfy” was “WOW”. It’s an incredible track falling into a genre I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s almost like heavy metal meets dance music, with eerie highs and devastating lows. The BPMs come in around 124, technically making it a House track, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way. I’m reminded of something the Chemical Brothers might put out if it was 10 years ago. Either way, Zane Lowe is accurate in calling “Satisfy” the hottest track in the world and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Make sure you catch Nero live this Summer!