Introducing FUTURPOETS a duo and live project from Mexico. These two have close to 20 new tracks to be released in the coming month and they are putting them out on the some of the biggest names in ghetto house such as Sleazy Deep, House of Huslte, Cuff and Dear Deer. Supported by names like Amine Edge and Maxxi Soundsytem, FUTURPOETS has a lot going for them, which is why I want to share this mix off of the Criminal Bassline Soundcloud channel.

A nice blend of deep, chicago and ghetto house this CRIMECAST is my hands down favorite to date. A really good mix should be like a good story, it should catch you with a hook, lead you to a climax and finish off having the reader/listener wanting more. While listening to this I  couldn’t help but imagine myself browsing a futuristic black market bazar, something out  of”Total Recall”. Anyway stay tuned to FUTURPOETS, they have some serious backing and plenty to keep listeners engaged.