Woodys Produce Remixes Kanye West And It’s Fantastic [FREE DOWNLOAD]


Allow me to go off on a Hip Hop tangent for a minute. Last night I was flipping through my SoundCloud feed and noticed several songs coming from Woodys Produce’s page – all of them saying they were Kanye West remixes. I started following Woodys Produce some time in the past year and though he previously wasn’t someone I paid a ton of attention to, the release of his Kanye West remixes has put him on the map for me now. I’ll be honest in saying Kanye West is one of my favorite Hip Hop producers – more his older stuff than his current work – and to see someone has taken the time to remix not just Kanye’s music, but any track he’s been a part of immediately grabs my attention. If you’re familiar with Ratatat you’ll recall their two remix albums where they took popular Hip Hop tracks and remixed them in only a way Ratatat can do. While Woodys Produce doesn’t have as unique of a sound that Ratatat do, his remix package is along the same idea.

Woodys Produce, who lives in Los Angeles, refers to himself as a Producer, Engineer, and Remixer of the “Hipster Pop” variety. Woodys Produce has remixed artists like Mos Def, The Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, and plenty more – all for free download. Yesterday Woodys Produce released a package of 10 remixes of Kanye West’s music, including tracks he was featured on or produced himself. I’m talking about gems like Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop”, The Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far”, “Get Em High”, and “The Good Life”. All of the remixes are extra vibey – we’re talking more chilled-out Hip-Hop than club bangin’ Hip Hop and that’s exactly the style I was looking for. Some of my favorites from the collection include “Wouldn’t Get Far”, “Brand New”, and “Touch The Sky” but really all of them are quality. If you’re in to melodic and soulful Hip Hop – whether or not you like Kanye West as a lyricist – this Woodys Produce Kanye West Remix package is for you! (Show him some love on Facebook too.)