Bassnectar Quietly drops “Hold On” Ft. TURSI

bassnectar hob

Bassnectar quietly released “Hold On” Ft. TURSI, the fourth track of his upcoming album Noise vs Beauty. The partial track will be available in full on June 24th when the album drops, according to his website. In case you missed it we’ve already posted a couple of Bassnectar’s tracks from Noise vs. Beauty: Now” and “You & Me“.

The new track has similar elements to that of “You and Me” in its inherently Dubstep style with melodic beats in the background. This track, however, has more of the airy ‘Nectar feel to it, similar to “Underwater”. This track will certainly be featured mid-set for Lorin Ashton, whereas “You and Me” was dropped at EDC NYC in May and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

NVB is shaping up to be some of Bassnectar’s greatest work, truly combining all styles of EDM and all four tracks released so far have certainly not disappointed. You can listen to the rest of NVB here

Here is “Hold On” Ft. TURSI on MMIBTY: