As one of the most OVERWERK’d and under appreciated, Canada’s OVERWERK never disappoints with his orchestral electro productions. His latest “Exist” is one of the most epic tracks we’ve heard from him in a while and I couldn’t be more excited. We’ve covered OVERWERK here on MMIBTY since his humble beginnings many moons ago and have always been happy to see him still stick to his unique sound, despite the waning desire for fat electro-house like the brand he produces. His style is akin to that of Wolfgang Gartner in his eloquent mixture of rhythmic chainsaw bass synths and high-pitched bleeps but what OVERWERK always manages to add is his layers of expertly produced orchestral arrangements. The Exist EP features an original mix and an extended club mix: I’m partial to the latter myself for the elongated and pronounced build-ups. The tracks are up on Beatport as well as OVERWERK’s Bandcamp for name-your-own-price. Mix up the normal monotony of deep house and underproduced mainstage garbage with this stuff immediately.

I always like to include this video for fans of OVERWERK’s sound… really puts into perspective just how epic his productions are. This is the track “Daybreak” off his After Hours EP.