A Short But Sweet Interview With Australia’s House Queen: Anna Lunoe

anna lunoe

The beautiful and talented Anna Lunoe has been absolutely exploding in the dance music world over the past couple years. Though I started to really take notice when she dropped her tune “Breathe“, Anna Lunoe has been entrenched in music since the age of five. These days Anna is all business with a little fun on the side (spotted at the World Cup in Brazil). Anna’s recently released tracks with Treasure Fingers and Alex Metric & Yuksek (called the Alexanders), in addition to her non-stop tour schedule. Anna Lunoe even just got announced as a new member of the #shipfam and will be aboard Holy Ship in 2015. Now based in Los Angeles and with new music on the horizon (and perhaps even a live show in 2014), it’s easy to see why we wanted to ask Anna Lunoe a few questions. Let’s see what she had to say…  

MyMusicIsBetterThanYours.com (MMIBTY): How has coming from Australia helped to shape your sound and your style as an artist?
Anna Lunoe: I think being in Australia meant that I got well-versed across a lot of different genres more than I might have if I lived overseas. Australians are all across different genres popping off all over the world but we don’t always have the scenes to have the luxury to be the kind of DJ who only plays one style, so that made me really versatile and flexible. It made me want to make music that sat between various scenes and trends because I spent so many years always trying to move through a few genres at a time! And that in itself really influenced how I like to structure my songs. I know from DJing what I need out of a song structure and I’m really thinking about that. I think that’s super important.

MMIBTY: You played the OWSLA party in Miami. How was that and how did you get involved? We were there and you killed it! (check out this vid, it was supposed to be in slo-mo)
Anna Lunoe: Ha! That video is funny. That was a crazy party. I was so excited when I was asked to play, was such a great line up!

MMIBTY: What’s your #1 DJ weapon right now?
Anna Lunoe: BDD! [Bass Drum Dealer]

MMIBTY: Do you think you’re treated any differently being a female DJ? Do you get any perks that the guys don’t get?
Anna Lunoe: I don’t know! I guess I will never know exactly how it has effected my career path in both negative and positive ways. All I can do is just try to be the best I can be.

MMIBTY: Not many producers sing their own songs. How long have you been singing for?
Anna Lunoe: Well, as a kid I was in choir a bit, as a teenager I used to write terrible songs on acoustic guitar. I still do sometimes. I always knew I could sing. When I started DJing I didn’t really tell anyone but I always secretly hoped people would find out, but a few years went by and they didn’t. Then I just decided one day in 2010 or so that I wanted to sing on this Justin Martin song [“Sad Piano”], so I did.

MMIBTY: What’s one goal you have for yourself by the end of 2014 (career or personal)?
Anna Lunoe: I want to do a live show. Personal goals, I planted a garden this year on my balcony and I am obsessed with it. I want to grow my own food! But I think I need a bigger balcony to really make that happen… so I guess I need a hit to career goals!

Check out some of Anna’s sounds below, including her brand new track “All Out” and her head-turning mix for Diplo & Friends.