Trip Pony – Daze ft. Jaykin (SNACKS.053)

trip pony

Ever since Main Course made its’ first splash the label industry hasn’t been the same. Since its’ inception, Main Course has prided themselves at seeking out the best music at a cost of nothing to us, the consumer. Regularly releasing music can be tough, but Main Course has no problem finding it and that is where the SNACKS series came into a realization. SNACKS help us get from one large release to the next, filling to void with a collection of great edits, singles, and remixes. The founding family of Neoteric, Astronomar, and Bot have stayed true to this mantra and are pleased to announce the next SNACK with Trip Pony, read Neoterics’ thoughts below.

“Sometimes the universe just sends things your way. Or something. As you know, at Main Course we love supporting good music of ALL kinds. We’ve wanted to find a cool R&B/Pop artist to work with, and one random day my friend Kutcorners shared this track featuring Jaykin, a rapper I dug but hadn’t heard anything recent from. So, I clicked and the song caught my ear, and his verse was so dope. Digging a bit deeper I contacted Kutkeezy for an introduction to Trip Pony, which lead to us signing the track, and putting together a MASSIVE remix pack. Trip Pony is based in New Zealand and has recently ventured into the R&B/Pop sound after years performing and albums with the Sami Sisters, her group alongside 2 of her sisters. Talented family biz! So, in summation, we wanted to try something a bit different and are excited to know what you think!” -Neoteric