Adele- Rolling In The Deep (Bender Remix)


Before it was cool to remix Ellie Goulding and Lana del Rey like nobody’s business, there was one, very large British lady who had this market absolutely cornered. Everyone and their brother, cousin, long lost uncle and adopted lemur were all over Adele and had some mediocre remix to show for it. There was a time when this was the norm. Every time Adele would release a new song, a barrage of remixes would flood the interwebs and everyone would go from excited to bored to sick before you could even get to the end of one of ’em.

Well, those days are a distant memory and finding this remix of “Rolling In The Deep” actually made me surprisingly curious, as I’m sure some day, many years later, a new remix of “Summertime Sadness” will surface, similarly intriguing my sensibilities. Now, my first inclination was to expect saxophones and a typical deep house beat thrown in for the burgeoning masses but no! Bender has produced something fresh. The drop is an absolute surprise and brings massive vibes out of nowhere. But don’t rush to find it. Enjoy the length and buildup of this one, it’s worth it. Bender’s got a lot of other quality stuff on his SoundCloud and he’s actually got quite the sense of humor – I highly suggest you check him out and pick up the free download.

Speaking of Ellie Goulding, why the fuck not?