Popeska Is Releasing One FREE Song a Day During July 2014

popeska one track a day

Who likes FREE MUSIC? Okay that was a dumb question, everyone likes free music – especially us here at MMIBTY. And for that very reason I’m excited to feature Electro-House wunderkind Popeska and his new campaign to release awesome music to the world, for free, every day during the month of July. For those who may not have been paying attention, Popeska is the brilliant understudy of the also-brilliant Wolfgang Gartner and is signed to Wolfgang’s label Kindergarten Records. Popeska, whose real name is Ralph, is just 20 years old and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His production style is Electro-infused but quite melodic at the same time and features that perfect balance upbeat dance music is all about. Popeska even recently released a track with Wolfgang Gartner called “We Are The Computers“, also for free download. It was pretty awesome. July 1st’s just-as-awesome release was called “Bang On Some Shit” and the rest, well, that’s for you to hear.

Here’s Ralph, aka Popeska, to tell you all about his #OneTrackADay campaign:

“For those who have been with me since the beginning, you would know that I started producing just for fun, putting up a song for free download every few days. In fact, the sole reason I even made a Soundcloud was just so I could share tracks with a couple of my producer friends, and the fact that people started even following it was definitely just like, ‘huh, well that’s weird that people are actually listening to this.’ Well, long story short, it kept catching on and growing to the point that I got an amazing opportunity to do the music thing full-time, so naturally, I grabbed that opportunity and never looked back.

That’s why I’ve decided to put out a free song every day for a month. Yep, 3 albums worth of music, just being put out there for kicks. And the weird thing is that there’s PLENTY more where that came from. I think now would be a good time to mention that I am/have been working on an album for a while now. So basically what all these “track-a-day” songs are in addition to the songs I’m putting on my album.

I really want to people to hear this music. They might not all be bangers. They might not appeal to everyone. But I put myself into every one of my songs. I want people to hear how much music I’ve made, to hear the sounds I’ve developed, and to hear where the sound of “Heart of Glass” and my other album tracks came from. But above all, I want to give something to my fans. The support I get is absolutely AMAZING, and I hope to support my fans back with some of the most genuine music I’ve made. And lots of it”.

Keep it locked here to catch each song as it comes out this month. And thank Popeska for all the free tunes!