Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)


I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m on a serious Sam Smith kick lately. I had the chance to listen through to his album the other day on Spotify and it’s an impressive showing – with incredible vocal talent through and through. By now, everyone knows Sam’s true introduction to the mainstream ear via Disclosure’s “Latch” and people are quickly catching up with his solo single “Stay With Me.” In fact, we posted the Throttle remix of it just last week, which I’ve had in heavy rotation. Now we get treated to something a little different and more edgy from Prince Fox of NYC. Prince Fox brings his remix out of the box with some interesting syncopation and rhythm work while still leaving the pop structure of the original intact. The remix has plenty of layers that keeps the listener always interested and wanting for more, even in its short and sweet runtime. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Prince Fox in the future. Pick up the free download over on Fox’s Facebook page.

If that put you in a mood for another pop remix, this new one from SMLE is actually quite good when you move past the immaturity of the vocals… Very cool future sound similar to that of Prince Fox.