Chris Lattner – Going to South Africa

A few hours ago Chris Lattner released a mix titled “Going to South Africa” as a promotion for his upcoming tour in, you guessed it, South Africa. This mix is a smooth walk through of a proper selection of tech house, deep house and something he has hash tagged as technically house. The mix begins very light, Lattner selects songs that are lengthy and grow with subtle sound adjustment. Continuing on things begin to resonate a little deeper as he selects song that push my headphone drivers a little bit harder. Towards the end the pace quickens and the atmosphere brightens up while still carrying elements of the heavy thump felt before. Vocal elements carrying  sultry tone accompany the airy transitions throughout, making good use of negative space and keeping the listener engaged.

Chris Lattner is from Berlin, Germany and produces/DJs music that floats in the house/tech house/deep house genres. Chris Lattner developed his style like many well balanced producers do, by having parents with good taste in music and early access to a pair of Technics.  Chris Lattner sounds flared when Resident Advisor put his EP “Sick” in the Top 50 of Resident Advisors all-time top 100 in 2010. Resident Advisors accolade landed him in the ranks of Moon Harbour, a collection of artists that is nothing short of a varsity squad.

You can take a listen to his mix below.

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