Alex Metric – Heart Weighs a Ton (Laidback Luke ‘Jack’ Remix)

Alex Metric Heart Weighs a Ton Remixes

It feels good to post a Laidback Luke production for the first time in a while. Not to say the veteran Dutch DJ has showed any signs of slowing down, but I’ve certainly gravitated away from the “EDM” style of music recently. I’ve always liked Luke’s productions, remixes, and especially his mad skills behind the decks – in fact Laidback Luke was one of the first dance DJs I saw live and he’s a reason I’m so entrenched in the genre to this day. When I saw Laidback Luke had constructed a remix of one of Alex Metric‘s songs I knew I had to take a listen. Why? Because I absolutely love Alex Metric’s music and I had to see what the fusion of Dutch House and Nu Disco/Indie Dance would sound like. The result? Pure gold. I’ll go so far as to say I prefer Luke’s remix of “Heart Weighs a Ton” because he out-funked Alex Metric on the track. I’m not sure if I’ve heard a Laidback Luke original or remix that was so funky and “jackin” as the track we hear below.

Whatever your style is, I think you’ll really appreciate the Laidback Luke remix of “Heart Weighs a Ton” by Alex Metric. You can go pick up the original on iTunes and keep on the lookout for purchase of the remix package!

By the way, if you missed Alex Metric’s Hope EP, check it out here.