Eric Prydz’s Pryda 028 Hits #1 on Beatport in 24 Hours

pryda 028

Today’s big news from the world of dance music is that Eric Prydz‘s latest EP, under his Pryda moniker, has hit #1 on Beatport (Top 100 Releases) just 24 hours after it dropped on Monday (read the Beatport article HERE). Pryda 028, the 28th release in over 10 years from the label, is the first Pryda EP containing four songs: “Mija”, “Origins”, “Backdraft”, and “Axis”. For fans of Eric Prydz this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the producer/DJ is one of the most hard-working, creative, and unique dance music artists in the world. Whether you’re a fan of Eric Prydz’s more mainstream alias (Eric Prydz), you prefer his Progressive side with Pryda, or you prefer the harder Techno of Cirez D, you can certainly appreciate what an accomplishment this is, as he says “Pryda Recordings has never experienced sales like this before” (taken from his Facebook page).

After posting countless Eric Prydz tracks on this blog I don’t need to tell you how incredible I think he is as a producer. All the songs on Pryda 028 are fantastic in their own way, spanning no less than eight minutes for each track (that’s right, almost a half hour of music from four tracks). Pryda is probably my favorite moniker that Eric Prydz has, known for long, developed songs that take you on a journey and ebbs and flows of melodies and thriving bass lines. The official press release for this big news writes:

These four tracks – Mija, Origins, Backdraft , & Axis show another side to Pryda, one firmly rooted in the label’s club roots. Pryda 028 speaks to Prydz’ love of dark rooms and late nights, dance floors with their heads down – audiences losing themselves in a journey, surrendering to the music, rather than demanding another recognizable drop.

Eric Prydz is grateful for the support, and if you like what you hear below, show the man some love and buy the complete EP over at Beatport!