The Noisy Freaks Release “Tonight” for FREE DOWNLOAD on Gramatik’s Label Lowtemp

the noisy freaks tonight

This is some absolute fire that you need to hear. Following in Gramatik‘s footsteps of releasing free music, The Noisy Freaks yesterday released their second single called “Tonight”. The track came out on Gramatik’s label Lowtemp and is the second one The Noisy Freaks have put out under that umbrella. After opening up for Gramatik at the famous L’Olympia Music Hall in Paris the French duo impressed him with their performance and landed a coveted spot on the Lowtemp roster.

It always excites me to hear new ground-breaking music by artists I’m relatively unfamiliar with. It excites me even more to hear stories like the one above – where highly talented artists are able to catch a break and gain the ear of someone influential in the business. Gramatik, over the years, has built a huge following with his stellar productions and live shows and it’s great to see him curating a label with awesome raw talent. With “Tonight” I’m reminded of producers like Madeon (also French), Mord Fustang, and TheFatRat and overall it’s a fantastic Nu Disco/Indie Dance track. Though “Tonight” starts off as though it could be a power rock ballad, it gains speed around 1:00 and never looks back. And hey, anytime you have an epic solo in the middle of a dance track you certainly have my ear.

Give the folks in The Noisy Freaks some love for this one and check out their first single “I Need You Back” as well!