Nicada – Zuma (Original Mix)

This new single from Oslo native Nicada titled “Numa” is an awesome surprise of a track. Starting out with a very all too familiar pop beat that is intertwined with some synths ,this track just feels right off the bat like any other chart topping pop tune. Normally I would of just snapped it off at that point but I was fiddling with something at work and let it reach the first breakdown where a few horns caught my attention. The song quickly transitions into a really bouncy house beat complete with a nice little symbol clap and a thumping bass line that drives it through to the next airy build up.

This just goes to show you cant judge a song by the first build…or something like that. Glad I gave this tune a listen and you should too. Apparently the gentleman producing this track from way over in Norway knows what he is doing. Very excited to hear more from Nicada, check out the tune below and show this guy some love.