tom flynn

Tom Flynn does not make EDM. He makes sexy sophisticated Deep House and Nu-Disco, music for adults, not kids in kandi and tutus. His name is not recognizable yet in the US, but that’ll soon change. If you’d not heard him before he’s behind Hot Creations monster hit this summer ‘Hoochie‘ and regularly releases tracks on the label, as well as Defected and dirtybird. He makes deep down and dirty music for dark sexy clubs, and I think if you check him out you’ll dig him too.”

The above words came from Chris Robins over at Infamous PR, one of the public relations firms we have the pleasure of working with in an effort to break new music out to the masses. To be honest, Chris had me with his opening line about Tom Flynn not making EDM, but rather making music for adults and not kids in kandi and tutus. This really spoke to me because as much as I understand that tutus and kandi are things that come with the dance music world, it’s not really my scene. Give me a four on the floor beat, a groovy bass line, and some 21+ vibes and that’s all I really need from my dance music. Seems like Tom Flynn is right up  my alley. Today Tom Flynn released his latest track “Yes Yes Y’all” for free download in anticipation of his Fall US tour which is stopping in major cities like San Francisco, Boston,  Denver, Chicago, NYC and more. The track certainly has Disco elements but what I love most is that it samples the legendary Hip Hop track “I Used To Love H.E.R.” by Common. “I Used to Love H.E.R.” came from Common’s debut album Resurrection all the way back in 1994 and it’s great seeing a House producer incorporating it into his songs. I’m a fan of “Yes Yes Y’all” and I’m now very curious to see what Flynn’s live sets are like.

If you’re in one of the cities listed below and you’re a fan of “music for adults” definitely go check out Tom Flynn after you grab this free download!

tom flynn US Tour