Pretty Pink Feat. Ian Late – Hey Girl


As I find myself casually relaxing on this Sunday evening after a long weekend of moving into a new apartment, Pretty Pink has, once again, met my desire for delicious, chilled-out beats with her latest original. My first introduction to Pretty Pink was on her “Get Lucky” edit, which received a lot of play despite the original burning a hole in everyone’s ear at the time. Since then, I’ve followed the beautiful German producer closely, always inspired by her ability to break through the (very apparent) gender barriers in dance music and produce creative, intriguing tracks. “Hey Girl” is a collaboration with vocalist Ian Late, who’s voice is heard throughout the song. The track itself is intricate yet undeniably simple, lending itself to the calm atmosphere it elicits. I’m glad to see that Pretty Pink is doing so well these days and would be the first in line if she makes it to the states. I highly suggest you put her on your radar while you jam out to this free download.

Here’s the one that got it all started for me with Pretty Pink. Hey, almost 1.5 million people on SoundCloud can’t be wrong, right?