Slow Magic – Waited 4 U

Slow Magic has been slowly, no pun intended, leaking out a few of their tracks from their new album “How To Run Away” which releases tomorrow on Downtown Records. Most recently unveiled is the song “Waited 4 U”, a synth heavy track that opens up very tenderly, only on reveal a very bouncy and energetic structure later on.

Slow Magic defines themselves as music made by “your imaginary friend”. Their sound is very airy and upbeat, a blend of synth notes that remind me of Sonic The Hedgehog sound tracks, and vocals that weave the tapestry of notes together very nicely.

Their live music video featuring the song “Girls” came out a few weeks ago and is really a cool watch. Filmed during live performances the video captures the engaging nature of a Slow Magic performance, in which our masked protagonist even joins the crowd during a show!

Slow Magic // Girls – Live On Tour from SneakyBoy on Vimeo.

I am very excited for the release of “How To Run Away” and I hopefully can catch a Slow Magic show in the coming year. I really enjoy the mystic atmosphere of their music that projects a very positive and happy feeling.