Sander van Doorn B2B Oliver Heldens – THIS Mix


If you’ve been paying attention to the breakout artist of 2014, Oliver Heldens, you’re probably aware he released his latest track “THIS” in collaboration with Sander Van Doorn last week. Oliver Heldens is a huge reason a new trend in House music has developed which many (including myself) are referring to as Future House. When I interviewed Oliver Heldens recently, he called this emerging style of music a fusion between Deep House and EDM. Though I disagree with that description, it’s obvious Heldens’ style has caught fire, alongside Tchami who has also perfected this sound of Future House. I was really into Oliver Heldens when he first broke out with Gecko but in hearing other recent tracks I’m starting to get worried his sound is starting to sound a bit repetitive, whereas someone like Tchami keeps amazing me with his fresh sounds.

But hey – I’m not here to get balls deep in an analysis of the musical landscape or to nitpick individual artists. I’m here to celebrate a stellar mix I heard over the weekend, put together by newcomer Heldens alongside dance music veteran Sander Van Doorn. The mix was created as a way to hype of the release of “THIS” and hype me up it surely did. It’s always fun hearing what it sounds like when electronic mainstays combine with up-and-comers and the product was 100% made in the Netherlands, with the word PARTY written all over it. What’s even more exciting than “THIS”, in my opinion, is that Heldens and Sander teamed up for an hour-long back-to-back mix that is stellar the whole way through. Not only was the mix recorded in a live fashion (what I mean here is the mixing was on point – it wasn’t one entire song mixed into the next entire song – the beat kept moving and kept the listener interested), it was obvious there were both newschool Oliver Heldens influences and classic Sander Van Doorn-sounding song selections.

I’ve already listened to this mix a couple times since Friday and I’m sure I’ll listen to it a few more. Unfortunately no track list is available, nor a download of the mix, but you can absolutely download “THIS” on Beatport HERE. Listen, enjoy, repeat.