Rose Quartz Release ‘Leaving Now’ Off Upcoming EP

Rose quartz leaving now art 650 x 650
Well, just in case anyone has been wondering what Denver-based electro-pop duo Rose Quartz has been up to? The answer is simple, a lot. The dynamic duo has transformed itself into a completely live show with the addition of two new members. After a heavy couple months of touring the country with the likes of St. Lucia, Cut Copy, and many more. The guys have finally returned home to give us the first sample off of Axis of Love, the bands upcoming EP which is slated to drop in full on January 6th. Today we have the EP’s debut track entitled, Leaving Now. The track comes to us in the form of a free download and is a gorgeous sentiment to love lost and the troubled feelings and times that often follow. Massive synths, vocal hooks, and huge stutters lift this track right off the ground. While the ever important message of moving on comes to the listener through the undertones and laid back vocals of lead singer Ethan Converse. We are pretty impressed with this new growth and direction Rose Quartz has pointed themselves in, and we couldn’t be more excited for Axis of Love to drop January 6th!

Free Download