Etienne de Crécy – Night (Cut the Crap) (Sharam Jey Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


One of my absolute favorite DJs/producers from 2014 has to be Mr. Sharam Jey from Cologne, Germany. He’s one of those guys who has carved out his own sound in the G-House world, with thumping bass lines, driving beats, and chopped-and-screwed vocals amidst many of his songs. Sharam Jey’s track “Hum Hum”, which came out in 2013 and saw a remix by Tapesh in 2014 is one of the most infectious songs I’ve heard in House music in a while (“THE PASSWORD IS PLAY!”). If you’re not too familiar with Sharam Jey, you’ll love him if you’re into producers like Kolombo, Shiba San, Sirus Hood, Amine Edge & Dance, Vanilla Ace, and other artists hangin’ out in that realm. I was absolutely delighted to see that Sharam Jey had released a free remix of Etienne de Crécy’s “Night (Cut the Crap)” on Friday courtesy of Mixmag. The song is a little darker than I’m used to hearing from Sharam Jey, but in typical fashion it has hard-hitting kick drums, a fat bass line, and chopped and screwed vocals. I had a great time seeing Sharam Jey DJ live at Hard Summer and Audio San Francisco this year, and I’m ecstatic to be seeing him again next week aboard Holy Ship 2015!

If you like what you hear, show Sharam Jey some love. I have a feeling 2015 will be his biggest year yet…

Etienne de Crécy – Night (Cut the Crap) (Sharam Jey Remix)