ICYMI: jackLNDN – Don’t Forget [FREE DOWNLOAD]

JackLNDN - Don't Forget

Infectious House music brought to you by jackLNDN on this Sunday night. The UK, London-based, producer is one of our favorites here at MMIBTY and we’ve written about him numerous times, sharing his music with as many people as we possibly can. Back at the end of November jackLNDN released his track “Don’t Forget” and it’s been met with amazing responses. While it took me a few weeks to catch up, I’m brining you “Don’t Forget” as an in case you missed it feature, but making sure to point out it’s just the first track on jackLNDN’s Summer Never Ends – Vol. 1 EP. The piano intro hooked me in immediately but what was more impressive is how Jack was able to work in Electro-House wobbles into an otherwise Deep House tune. No lyrics to speak of, but the progression of the tune almost calls someone like a Pryda or Fehrplay into the picture. Turn the lights down low for “Don’t Forget” and make sure to keep an eye on jackLNDN especially with the release of his new EP coming soon!

jackLNDN writes about “Don’t Forget”:

The first track from the new ‘Summer Never Ends – Vol. 1’ EP. This one takes a deeper, progressive route. As always, it’s a free download. Enjoy!