Odesza – All We Need Remixes by Autograf, Haywyre


It’s amazing (and very well deserved) how Odesza went from being a couple experimental-music-minded kids from Seattle to practically household names. Their refreshing sound straddles the demographic of the casual electronic listener all the way to the seasoned veteran and pleases everyone in between. One of their more popular recent singles, a pop-like tune called “All We Need,” just got a the remix treatment by a couple of very well respected artists including a couple of our favorites here: Autograf and Haywyre. Both remixes bring a much different take; Autograf’s sticks to the more expected downtempo feel but with a bassy edge, while Haywyre produces a get-up-and-dance number filled with shimmering synths. Free downloads on both of them, and check out the full remix package at the link below!

Check out the full remix package here.