Been Wondering What Russ Chimes Has Been Up To?

make me feel better russ chimes

Whether you have or you haven’t, I have. In fact I tweeted this very sentiment out today when I was thinking back on some of my all time favorites to catch up on. I realized I hadn’t seen or heard anything from Russ Chimes in a while and because he doesn’t often come to the states for shows he is very much off my radar (hey Russ – can you do your fans a favor and tour here?).

So what did I do? Naturally I headed to Russ Chimes’ SoundCloud page to see if he’s been putting out any new material. Well silly me, he sure has! I guess when you’re not touring in the U.S. it leaves a lot of time to bang out studio sessions. Russ Chimes is one of those artists all of us here at MMIBTY have grown to love over the years – whether his original productions, his remixes, or his amazing “Expressway” mixes (RIP) the man knows how to put together some serious gems.

One recent song in particular I wanted to bring your attention to today: Russ Chimes’ remix of “Make Me Feel Better” by Alex Adair. Now I’m not familiar with the original version of this song but Chimes’ remix is something that I absolutely got lost in. The track was posted nine days ago to Russ Chimes’ SoundCloud page and it’s due to be released on March 1st. At lower BPMs, around 122, the remix isn’t a club banger, but more of an escape from reality. Vocals aren’t strongly present, but appear more as looping effects in the background. We hear some classic Chimes piano, which is one of the elements I’ve come to love his productions for, but the strongest element in this track is the winding bassline coupled with plenty of percussion.

It seems there is plenty more in Russ Chimes’ arsenal and I’ll post some highlights below. I’m most excited to report that the British producer has started a new mix series simply called “Mix Series: RC” and I’m excited to dive straight into those.

If you like what you hear show Russ some love and pick up the track on March 1st!