Claptone – The Music Got Me

claptone the music got me

Those who know Claptone (like those 122,000 people on Facebook) know the groove is undeniable – and infectious. The masked German House act is one of the most consistent sounds in dance music today spanning their productions, live sets, and fantastic Clapcast mixes. I had the pleasure of seeing Claptone here in San Francisco two weeks ago at Audio and it was one of the most fun times I’ve had at the club to date. Claptone are able to find that fusion between soul, funk, House, and party and they ever-so-smoothly mix it all together.

When I first heard Claptone’s latest single “The Music Got Me”, released yesterday on their label Exploited, I was immediately thrown into spastic bodily motions that can only be described as dancing. I noticed something a little different, however, about the track: it didn’t fit the typical Claptone model. This one has some edge to it – more edge than Claptone tracks normally have. I also noticed the lack of percussion section that we usually hear, featuring instruments like the Conga Drums.

Claptone’s press team says of the track:

“As you would expect of new Claptone, ‘The Music Got Me’ is destined for late nights and packed clubs all over, such are the enchanting powers of this otherworldly beast. However this one goes further still. The achingly cool 80s NYC disco/postpunk flavour combines with a distinct Chicago bassline to offer an exciting glimpse of the eclectic, indie vibe of his debut artist album “

The release also features a B-side called “Forest of Love” that goes back to Claptone roots and both tracks make for a very excellent EP release. If you haven’t seen Claptone in an intimate club setting make sure you go check him out!