Come Celebrate My Birthday With CamelPhat, Will Clarke, & MK

When your birthday falls on a Friday… during Halloween weekend… in one of the largest markets in the US for dance and electronic music. What do you do? You party with the best!

I’ll be completely honest, there are at least four shows happening in San Francisco on Friday October 26th I’d be happy to go see. One that has my attention is the Deadly Disco show presented by Crossroads Nightlife, happening at the Midway and featuring juggernauts MK, Camelphat, and Will Clarke.

MK needs no introduction, he’s been producing hit after hit and DJing massive shows for decades. You know his songs, you know you’ll sing along to them, and you know he’s going to have the audience in a fury. CamelPhat are probably the breakout artists of the last two years and you’ve probably heard their Grammy-nominated hit “Cola” at least a few dozen times. But what you really need to dial into is CamelPhat’s extensive catalog. They release track after track of high quality House music, spanning from Tech-House bangers to progressive and even Deeper-sounding tunes. I always applaud producers who continually pump out music and especially ones who vary their sound from track to track.

Last but certainly not least is Dirtybird mainstay Will Clarke who is no stranger to producing hits nor playing in front of packed houses. I’ve seen Clarke spin plenty of times and each time seems to get bigger and better than the next. His tracks are well-polished bangers ranging from Tech-House to straight Techno and if you’re a DJ you’ve probably played them at one time or another (or maybe every time?). And hey, if you see Will Clarke walking through the crowd at a music festival there’s a pretty good chance he’ll take a photo with you.

Have I made my point yet? The Midway is one of my favorite venues in San Francisco and a prime location to house these three premier artists. So, do yourselves a favor, grab tickets, grab your costumes and come hang with me on my birthday!