Chordashian – Skyscraper Souls (Fred Falke Remix)

skyscraper souls fred falke

Summer never really happens here in San Francisco, where it stays a mild 60-70 degrees year-round. For everyone else around the country who dawn shorts or summer dresses and take trips to the beach, us San Franciscans always keep an extra layer by our side. Though we have one of the coldest Summers in the country, relatively speaking, we’re fortunate enough to have access to excellent Summer music wherever we go. Enter Fred Falke’s remix of “Skyscraper Souls” by Chordashian. The original track by Brooklyn-based duo Chordashian was and still is an absolute gem. It came out back in 2013 but thanks to legendary Fred Falke the track saw a refresh last week – perfect for Summer nights.

Fred Falke, the French DJ and producer responsible for many excellent productions and remixes dating back to the early 2000s, added his signature touch to “Skyscraper Souls”. Falke gave the track “a pretty epic chord progression mixed with some laid back synth sounds and drums” according to Chordashian, who reached out to him for this remix.

If you’re not too familiar with Chordashian nor Fred Falke I seriously urge you to spend some time on their respective SoundCloud pages and make sure to show both some love!