MMIBTY Interview With Worthy



The other day we had an amazing opportunity to catch the likes of Worthy, Kill Frenzy, Cut Snake and Sam Hiller kill the sound system at Avalon Nightclub in Los Angeles, California & one of our writers sat down with Worthy from Dirty Bird for one hell of an interview. Worthy’s words tell the inspiring truth of how he came to be who he is and how he made it as an artist in this shitabyss we call music industry.

Enjoy 🙂

MMIBTY: My Music Is Better Than Yours
W: Worthy

MMIBTY: What is the origin of Worthy?

W: It’s an old nickname. My middle name is Worthington, and because I hung out with a couple of friends names Sean everybody started calling me Worthy because there were to many people called Sean. I had a couple Dj names before that were horrible so I just went with Worthy.

MMIBTY: First electronic artist you heard?

W: Oh man that’s a hard question, probably lords of acid.

MMIBTY: Who did you listen to growing up?

W: I listed to a lot of jungle back then, that was a super big influence on me. Ltj Bukem, Dj Dara, Optical and Ed Rush, Goldie all those guys were super big influences, then I crashed into trance/progressive house & that was all these sounds coming together for me.

MMIBTY: If you could do it all over again what would you do differently?

W: Start producing earlier.

MMIBTY: How has producing/ living in the bay affected your career?

W: It’s been the biggest influence, and the thing that took me the furthest. If I didn’t move to San Francisco I wouldn’t have been apart of Dirty Bird. Just finding a group of people as passionate and driven as I was makes you so much more driven.

MMIBTY: How has Dirty Bird made you move forward as an artist?

W: We all push each other to dig deeper, to find something someone else didn’t have. Telling each other that’s cool or that sucks & just having that support from people its very helpful.

MMIBTY: How did you become apart of Dirty Bird?

W: I’ve been there since day one. Justin Martin and I went to college and played records together back in New York City. He moved to San Francisco and called me after we finished school and said this is the place to be. So I moved out there. One day Christian Martian, Justin Martin, Barclay (Claude Vonstroke) and I were sitting at a bar and Christian said he was buying a sound system, a name popped up and we started it from there.

(The Dirty Bird symbol was something that Barclay (Claude Vonstroke) used to draw in grade school)

MMIBTY: Tips for the up and coming producers?

W: Make sure you have fun & find your own sound. It’s okay to mimic someone to a certain extent, but once you figure out how to make your music sound good you can start to experiment.

MMIBTY: Favorite food on tour?

W: Cob salads in the afternoon, it’s a perfect mix of kinda healthy kinda not. It kills the hangover too.

Worthy also just released a new EP on Sleazy G Records that you should check out below and go support!