Better Venue, Same Epicness @ Dirtybird BBQ Oakland

*All photos by Feras Fotography. Click here for full album*

Getting pretty sick of writing about how awesome Dirtybird parties are. Like, seriously. It’s hard coming up with new ways to repeat the same facts. But what’s amazing is each time I go to a Dirtybird event I still have the pleasure of witnessing folks attending for the first time and hearing them summarize how excellent their experiences were. I even had a close friend of mine, who will not be named, attend the Dirtybird BBQ this past Saturday in Oakland after speaking many many times about how much he hates Dirtybird. And you know what? He had a good time too!

I don’t know what it is: maybe it’s the laid back west coast vibes, maybe it’s the blend of tracks we’re hearing for the first time combined with fan favorites, maybe it’s the combination of booty bass and burgers… These events combine love, dancing, new friendships, strengthened relationships, and high fives all around. Dirtybird, even though you’ve blown the fuck up over recent years, you still do it better than anyone else in the business.

The new venue this year, at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland, was perfection for this kind of party. I first explored this area when I attended the now-defunct Bay Area Vibes and it’s no secret why it’s a choice destination: epic views of the San Francisco skyline, palm trees everywhere, tons of room to spread out and relax or dance, a sandy beach, and centrally located making it easy to get to.

The lineup this year included every single Dirtybird player: Ardalan, Worthy, J. Phlip, Christian Martin, Justin Martin, and Claude VonStroke. It was a family affair (literally and figuratively – for example, multiple generations of the Martin family were in attendance). The beats were on fire as usual. We got House, we got Techno, we got Booty, we got Drum n Bass, we got Breakbeat. It was hot, it was dusty, but DAMN did we have a good time.

I’m not going to single any one DJ out because they all played epic sets from early til close. I can’t compare the Dirtybird BBQ to any of the other BBQs but my guess is the homecoming Bay Area shows may bring out the best from the artists and the crowd. My point is, if this tour is coming to a city near you this Summer – and even if it’s not – please do yourself a favor and go boogie. We had a great time as always and if you attend you won’t regret.

Til next time!