Anjunadeep 07 (Mixed by Jody Wisternoff & James Grant) – Yet Another Masterpiece

Sweet baby Jesus — Jody and James have done it again. With their now 7th installment of the Anjunadeep label series, Jody Wisternoff and James Grant continue to prove they’ve earned a spot at the top of the ever-expanding bubble of Deep House.

With a stacked list of artists, from the legendary 16 Bit Lolitas, to arguably the fastest growing artist on their label, Lane 8, this 31-track album bathes you in that glowing and ambient warmth you’ve come to know and love. The overall rhythm of the album moves back to the slightly more smooth and creamy flow of Anjunadeep 05, a shift from the peppiness of Anjunadeep 06. It is one of those magical mixes you could sit crosslegged on the bed and listen to, picking apart each cymbal and clap, grounding yourself, contemplating life, and wading through nostalgic memories of the past. It is the sort of album you’d put on when you’re driving alone on a rainy night, the street lamps flicking by in an almost strobe-like pattern. It really is a listening experience. And I highly recommend you set aside the 2 hours and 36 min this remarkable composition deserves. Here are a few of the tracks the stood out to me thus far — comment below with additional thoughts of your own, we’d love to hear from you:


Rise by Lane 8

Lane 8 has been absolutely on fire this past year, and this track of his new Rise EP released in July is right on par. It has the perfect Anjunadeep feel, while sticking to his recognizable Lane 8 ebb and flow, punchy bass and deep, rumbling chords, catchy melody, and all.


Sediment by 16 Bit Lolitas

Probably the most classic Anjunadeep vibe of the entire mix. Deep house at its finest, with a swelling beat and ambient melody. Would you expect anything less from the great 16 Bit Lolitas?


Wondering by Yotto

So far, this is one of my favorite tracks from the mix. It immediately takes me to some fog-filled after-hours club, with tranquilizing lights and lasers; everyone around you shuffling, nodding their heads, and snapping their fingers along with the beat. A great track indeed.


Made For Myself – Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix by Dems

Arguably the most beautiful track in the mix, with vocal harmony akin to a Bon Iver track. This remix by our talented duo has the emotion and flow that could earn it a spot in theatrical soundtrack of an Interstellar sequel, if they ever make one.


The Bridge (Anjunadeep 07 Mix) by Jody Wisternoff

Likely the most dance-worthy track of the album, the Anjunadeep 07 edit of “The Bridge” has an upbeat, punchy rhythm that makes you want to get your ass out of that godawful desk chair and onto the closest dance floor. A glorious bridge in the middle breaks up the beat, bringing in swelling bass chords that envelope a choir-like vocal harmony — this track is quickly becoming one of my favorites.


Go ahead and give it a listen. Anjunadeep 07 has most certainly earned a spot in my Deep House collection, which has been steadily growing ever since feeling the acute rise in Deep House popularity when I attended the ABGT 100 Afterparty in NYC, where James Grant mixed back-to-back with his brother Jono Grant (from the beloved Above & Beyond trio). I was blown away by the energy from the crowd for such a melodic and ambient-sounding set, definitely something you need to experience in person. If you’re as obsessed with the Aunja labels as much as I am, you may have already signed up for pre-sale release of the 11-city Anjunadeep 07 North American tour tickets. But if not, general sale begins this Friday, 25th September at 1pm ET / 10am PT — get your tickets HERE. Trust me — you won’t regret it.